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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  March 25, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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homicide in this tears come to house to five bodies are found the case has more questions than answers more than 40 hours later. in washington taking up health care reform tomorrow the legal arguments and favor and against the law signed by president obama. coming to the bay area tomorrow mitt romney and where he stands after the latest gop contest in louisiana that loss what does it mean sitting down the political insiders and talking at sports also in bay area.
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the owner of the caught the mood and a quarterback controversy in the forty-niners and everything going down with the new orleans saints with congressional hearings, rep. a murder investigation has stunned a quiet san francisco neighborhood. off police returned figure of the deaths of five people is a case of a murder-suicide or if there's still a suspect. the bodies of the three women and two men on friday in an endless side district and first is believed the murderer was among the dead and now police are not sure. they're assuring neighbors the economic risk. the experts in this area do not believe that there's a threat to public safety at this time. it's scary in terms of the committee that could be someone out there possibly. the gruesome scene was discovered by a woman coming home from work and pride in
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mourning and the stevenson trying to determine how the victims were killed. officers confirmed at least two people were shot. this morning at los notice for screws to shutdown hamilton road at highway 130 in the south bay. stay tuned on fact and of course it happens every winter that we see snow on their. also this morning a woman hospital under arrest after smashing into a fire hydrant in pleasantville less than a contra costa boulevard police said car went out of control to a hydrant and land on top of a parked vehicle there police arrested: this on suspicion of dui but they say they don't think she was speeding. there is actually a video of the event from the hotel nearby issues are going offered in the car going on the fire hydrant at a moderate speed of 30 mi. per hour. after the accident she
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complained of internal pain and she's not the medical center also there was a dog inside the car at the time of the accident but he was not hurt. we're today is the final day for free medical and dental care of a temporary clinic in oakland. the service is wrapping up and said the east side of the oakland coliseum of all places, and national volunteer group called remote area medical using local professionals were willing to donate their time to help people up. but that by the end of today that more than 35 and people will have adequate health insurance will get treatment. starting tomorrow the supreme court will hear oral arguments about president obama's health care reform law the legal matters and the individual mandate requiring all americans to buy insurance by 2014. should the cost and benefits of the other elements of the plan that already went into effect.
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the 23 listed looking for work for a year. despite the tough job market he does have peace of mind in one area. to you remember when you discover the cause of the health care reform law that you're going to be under public health insurance plan to your parents and what was your reaction. yes. great relief. under the health care reform law there are required to allow people under 26 years old truman and their parents plans to grant relief for wallace because he has asthma. it would be hard to survive without this this is a lifesaver. his drugs cost $65 a month with insurance and without to be two or three times that. if you do not have health insurance now would you be able to afford erasmus in? no most likely not. to the popular provisions of the law have already kicked in insurance companies may not
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deny coverage to children because of pre-existing conditions and seniors caught in the so-called an adorable and the medicare prescription drug program are getting relief. robert is a spokesperson for the nation's health insurance companies. it's great to see more people in getting coverage for services that they need but anytime you're providing more coverage to policy there are additional costs that occur. that could mean higher premiums for example of allowing children under 26 to remain on the parent's plans as push premiums up 1% in assuring at least 4 million children with pre-existing conditions as increase the premiums and you are from 1 to 6% of all prescription drug relief is saved 5.1 million seniors an average of $635 apiece, the total cost of $3.1 billion. to lynn has come from the drug companies. the bottom line on health insurance premiums.
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of the health care reform present provisions of gone into effect so far have pushed up premiums overall by about 1.5%. the former vice-president dick cheney has a new heart this morning. he had the surgery yesterday in aid cities been waiting for transplants for more than 20 months and the former vice- president and his family will be forever grateful. he said five heart attacks since age 37. president obama sounded a warning to north korea from their own doorstep making the first visit to the caribbean demilitarized zone today separating north and south korea. the north planning to launch a satellite using a long-range rocket next month in the u.s. considers a violation of the u.n. ban on nuclear and missile activity. obama said there will be harsh consequences if north korea moves toward with the plans.
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whip it campaign 2012 coverage with santorum scoring a lopsided win in the louisiana primary beating out mitt romney. by more than 20 points. now santorum says he's definitely going to continue the fight. critics of talked, economic growth plan and all those things they think will connect with voters across the country concerned about their jobs and about the debt that our government is crushing the future generations of americans with. santorum as campaigning in wisconsin that votes on april 3rd. mitt romney will be back in california raising money for his campaign. he will make a stop at redwood city for a big fund-raiser tomorrow. the hewlett packard ceo matt will host him at a dinner and the cost at $5,000 a head. it also gets to a photo with the
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presidential hopeful. lawmakers on capitol hill dive into football bounty scandal. grill the severe punishment for the former coach of the new orleans saints to join us next. it's very much worth waiting for. pope benedict the 16 dunn toward mexico his message to largest catholic populations in the world. we've got another rainy day and that it looks like a
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a live look right now down in mexico the pope is there rolling along in his pope mobile to a lot of people very excited along the roadway is performed amassed there and again looking at live pictures after thousands of catholics camped out in advance to see
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him with more on the message he's hoping to get across. peace but enthusiastic crowd of about 4000 young people and their parents on saturday evening after private meeting with the president of mexico and furring and directed to the drug violence are urging people to the messengers of peace. the disciple of jesus he said does not respond to evil with evil and is always an instrument of good instead. the pope was to strengthen ties the largest spanish-speaking catholic nation and reach out to young people continue in the work of his predecessor pope john paul the second. this process is very happy to see the pope in a country and causes a great opportunity. security is extremely tight with the acting boss of police and soldiers deployed to the area in any way that was to get close to the pope has to go to a metal detector. the pope was the faithful in mexico to stay away from the
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love of money and all forms of worship that he deems and pure. but in some households that message will not resonate. the hair dresser installed an altar and setup the pollard honoring an night called st. death she and millions of mexicans were shocked st. the debt and still regard themselves as catholics. she says the pope will solve my everyday problems. expect more rain this weekend with the chance of thunderstorms to parts of the bay area. a little break in the wet weather for the success that are sick of carrying around a number of the recession have it today but from live radar it's not so bad right now but still a possibility of scattered showers dropped the day right now. we were talking about all that snowfall in the south bay where
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trucking all the weather on the radar with more on the forecast. its been a super wet weekend all across the bay area and setting up for another rainy sunday. if you look at the weather headline showers today cooler temperatures and by the afternoon will have a chance of thunderstorms. possible hail and looks like a short drive bake break for the start of the workweek. the satellite and radar telling the story of the pressure system the testing of the bay area not moving preakness more rain showers throughout the day we are watching high-pressure system that will moving closer toward the bay area by monday preen as a dry break and tuesday by to another low pressure system closer to the bay area movement making more rain tuesday and wednesday time it out with the future cast looks at the heaviest rain should be today throughout the morning and
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scattered showers and possible thunderstorms and hail by later this afternoon. and then there this evening and tonight to looks like we're going to try things out it will remain dry to monday and tuesday and wednesday we could have another storm system moves through. across at a california the forecast a lot of rain showers were every your going but since none higher elevations of the temperatures man in the '40's and 50's and the bay area temperatures mainly in the mid to upper fifties. no. they temperatures cooler spots like the day later this afternoon i 56 degrees. in the forecast the next couple of days of looks like once again looking for another wet sunday with the heaviest rain man in the morning and tapering off by
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this afternoon and to this evening with the driver braked and quick is the emphasis on monday and then another storm system of selling on tuesday into wednesday and by thursday and friday mostly cloud cover. a slight chance of some rain mainly in the north bay and them by saturday for next weekend looks like% and up for another wet saturday. that's the check of the weather. where the nfl suspended the head coach of the new orleans saints for your without pay for attempting to cover up the so- called bounty system that team would pay a player $69 for knocking an opposing player of the game the coach will lose more than $7 million in salary and a former defensive coordinator that it committed run in the program is suspended indefinitely. hearings on the bond issues are being planned on capitol hill.
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let me tell you why it's important and reprehensible. a spirit of aggressiveness and competitiveness as an integral part of many sporting contests but bribing players to intentionally hurt their opponents cannot be tolerated. we have to put an end to this. the committee plans to examine whether there are secret county programs and any other nfl teams are any other sports professional levels. so what does this mean for the future of professional football. for more join us now know this is a big question a small question how big is the story? its huge blast and measures to the league would act accordingly and they did more than i thought they would i didn't think the head coach to be suspended for full year without pay. we have congress to give up the took up the stair rods scandal last time you ask is
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this really in the purview of the nation to stop and have a debate about something obvious the people is getting hit on the fields. it is transcendent and sports part of american popular culture. but how much money and time are we going to spend professional sports. is the nfl taking care this on their own? they're trying to set a better example than having all this and the reason and for such a violent sport but as you mentioned it is a violent sport and they're trying to set an example. the same time it's almost a little hypocrisy going on. how widespread is this from your perspective. players doing it as well. there's definitely a big problem and again that's our league is making examples of this. but my question is this they the bad to the skies for putting the money on the locker
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room seats in saying that it's at the quarterback gets the 1600 renegotiate a contract with the owners don't have it in there how many sacks are due and how many is to run a make you get bonuses based on that. but those are courtesy guys get carted off of the field and has entered a possibly ending their careers. purposeful injuries in this case. and speaking of football and the forty-niners the whole quarterback controversy. peyton manning verses alex mets with the deal? starting off with peyton manning, the greatest quarterbacks of all time surliness generation and given how well is played for the colts the denver broncos are in the like he did likewise saw from
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ti-vo they tried and peyton manning and succeeded. weird from smith's earlier this week his reaction to feeling like you're being picks last for promise something. until we had to say. greta would relish the opportunity to depict the starting quarterback and that's the bottom line is certainly wasn't offended raising going on. there never be competing surly again once you a spectacle happen to stimulus to the 24 hours later. the owner getting booed you is there to retire the jersey with happened. he was the person to speak last after had already given the speech. there's no way the owners should be speaking after guest of honor is supposed to receive the
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greatest honor right here. but just a major public- relations by the mourners and not the first time that's happened to them. what does the ltd. down on him for. clear the way the lawyers have been averted the last 20 years the claim made the playoffs twice in the last 20 years it's been one of the worst nba franchises and the leak of the great article written by simmons' 16 wins to annoy your fan base. price of that drama was supposed to be his night and suddenly he's o.k. everybody loves him. a device to introduce you should take the seat fastest if you're a politician and introduce you the man goes to get back into your soon as fast as possible because everyone's going to do you how many donors to the same way. if your order ends up winning the super bowl the world
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series for the nba finals and the toll to them and to turn them into cheers ,,,,
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the sand storms snapped up his 11th win in louisiana this weekend inching closer to his rival mitt romney. raising questions whether mitt romney can win in the south.
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but it's still mitt romney and on the delegate count and that some returned to the former mayor brown and the pier and political specialists down at the cafe to say let's take a look at this. is mitt romney the guy does he still haven't wrapped up. i don't think it's wrapped up i think mitt romney is in a position to wrap it up and what stage you wrapped up leases to newt gingrich be your secretary of state courses to ron paul and the would like mickey but either way your not and the deal. he gets them misspeak awards he basically says of the primaries are over and in the general order shaken up and erase everything with sense and over again. critic every elected leader of a politician of love to have it at a sketch in the back pocket but doesn't work that way and it's a terrible mistake to try to believe you can suddenly change politicians is to reach his or
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her beliefs but it's a fabulous concept. exchanging your belief and exchanging your perception for the public of record which to believe. and they think that mitt romney was going to do that in the is going to do that and so is every other politician they just have to be bright enough not to market it doesn't sell. greater use of dallas as the camel the time and tried to make them sound human what is it you tell them? greater tried every human drama have a conversation like you're talking to someone like a neighbor or summer israel and try to convince your word to make the short and don't step on your toes. he estimates he's completely unsuccessful at that so he writes a mistake.
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please don't give away my secrets you want above the 20 see and say where they come from this most people can talk and not that stupid what they wind up being so stiff and tough talk to. some people had great parents the group and a culture were storytelling was important and have that ability to wrap around of thinkers like the mayor here. the other people like mitt romney have no ability to tell a story or communicate with another human being and they look like they're stiff and there's no fixing the skies and we do is the right the misstatements. i don't the keys that bad. out the keys hateable. out the keys a turnoff. that's naysaying and unfortunately for mitt romney even when in london illinois the turnout was very low some is just not getting the charge out
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sent to cisco police are trying to determine that the deaths of five people in a case is a case of murder-suicide or if a suspect is on the loose. thousands out raced over the shooting an unarmed teen international demonstrations and name of martin and a local movement happening today. could the president obama's health care reform law heads for the u.s. supreme court tomorrow. welcome back to the weekend early edition it's 9:00. thanks for trying this. to talk about here in the next half hour including the slow motion train wreck that has been the life of the suspended sure if all over the past several weeks. a grammar investigation a stunned a quiet san francisco neighborhood. about 48 hours later there's still more questions than answers. the trend a figure of the deaths of by people as a case
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of murder-suicide or if a suspect is on the loose. the bodies of three men and three women into manner from friday and in go side district of first they've got the murderer was among the dead and now police are not sure. assuring neighbors the data at risk police say was a targeted attack. it women the hospital this morning and under arrest after smashing into a fire hydrant in pleasantville, contra costa boulevard. the car went out of control took out a fire hydrant and there landed on top of a parked vehicle. later police arrested her on suspicion of driving under the influence. they don't think she was beating but clearly she did some damage complaining of internal pain after the accident tickets to the hospital. today is the final day for free medical and dental care and a temporary clinic in oakland the four day services wraping up inside of the east side club at
9:02 am
the oakland coliseum put on by a national volunteer group called rick remote area medical the using of local professionals they're willing to donate their time it's expected by the end of today more than 3500 people lacking adequate insurance what it free treatment. crewmembers of the baptist church in oakland where curtis richardson today's services trying to raise awareness about the florida teenager shot to death last month. martin that was unarmed when you shot and killed by neighborhood watch capt. the attorneys for his family said if there's an arrest in the teen-ager's death it will be difficult to prosecute as a hate crime. there are more important things than hate crime charges. i then the focus is not necessarily a risk we're not want an arrest.
9:03 am
and they think that the state aspect of that is one that is most feasible. and most attainable in this matter. where the shooters attorney said his client has been unfairly portrayed as a racist and that the active in self-defense. more demonstrations were held across the country as a share of the killing after reports the latest outrage was on display at the nation's capital. hundreds came to washington's freedom plaza on saturday demanded an investigation into the deadly shooting of the florida teenager martin. they chanted in scandals and iced tea your not suspicious to me in reference to the atoms to 17 year-old was carrying when you shot and killed last month as a walk the neighborhood in the orlando suburb of san bird. george zimmerman said he shot him after the teacher attacked him zimmerman was not arrested
9:04 am
because of florida stand your ground what many claim they shot him because he was black an accusation is attorney denies. this is not a racial issue and when happened that day zimmerman has been involved in this community a pupil in the aftermath african-american community. nationwide the number of people of rage of the debt is growing in chicago and cleveland and philadelphia demonstrators this week and supportive martin's family and want him arrested. many wore hooded sweatshirts he was wearing one when he was killed. worshipers as well as the choir in the ministers at this new york city church are being asked where its what church descended services. florida has appointed new prosecutor to review the case and next with the grand jury could decide if he should be charged. as attorneys worked with the legal system protesters vowed to continue their cries for
9:05 am
justice. this going to be intense focus and the pros and cons of president obama's held, the supreme court will hear a court of arguments of the requirement that all americans buy insurance coming as a number of key provisions already kicked and and one practical effect is more people a pink a bridge insurance santa paws of development. it's great to see more people getting benefits or coverage for services that they need and anytime you're providing more coverage to policy there are additional costs that occur. recent data shows allowing children under 26 terminal the transplants as push premiums up about 1% insuring children with pre-existing conditions is increased premiums between 1 and 6%. the former vice-president as a new heart.
9:06 am
he had the surgery is today and he said he has been waiting for the transplant for more than 20 months and the vice-president and this family will be forever grateful. he has had five heart attacks since he was 37 years old. president obama's and a warning to north korea from their own doorstep acus first visit to the militarized zone areas to bring north korea from south korea plans to launch a satellite is in a long-range rocket next month that could increase tensions between the two countries the u.s. considers a violation of the u.n. ban on nuclear and missile activity obama's euna lee harsh consequences of north korea moves forward with the plan. clear the search continues for 15 year old sierra la mar of morgan hill missing for nine days now dozens of deputies, an area such a near her house using search dogs and a 12 mi. radius
9:07 am
and ulna issues last seen a week ago last friday. class it's a trend about selling teacher took their picture to raise money for a reward fund. during to the practice helps them cope. the city college of san francisco skill back school offerings to save money sitting to we clear in july and school accept less than half of the usual enrollments. students will be hit the hardest since the last in a priority list make it more difficult for someone to graduate on time. coming up what happens to the suspended share for now. his political chances of survival after the domestic violence plea bargain. found was nothing but dirt in his stomach) charge with neglecting man's best friend one officer's partner. another rainy day to take a
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look so good quick drive to break for the star
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seen sunshine in the bay area this morning but still a chance for scattered showers throughout the
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a former watsonville police officer facing charges after his can partner was found starving
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and week. the federal german shepherd from the backyard of his home and x- rays showed dirt and sand in the stomach but no food. he's not the first dog found neglected at his house according to officers and other german shepherd was seized from the former officer few months ago. the dog was brought here evaluated by medical staff and indeed the dog was suffering the most humane thing would be to euthanize the animal. the outcome is much better for this dog he is recovering well he was fired from the police force last year. it's not often years someone called the young mother of 28 kids because exactly how she describes this week's jefferson award winner. dinnertime at this home the mother how to the table while hurt and finishes the cooking.
9:12 am
the refrigerator is covered with graduation and not counting cards from her 28 children that's right 28 children. i have kids in the university of arizona have kids that lewis and clark and oregon and some other ones in santa barbara they're all over. raising foster children when she is married and in her 20s when the 14 old root rot away asked her to take in. some 26 year-old no edges graduate college and she said " i think to be really good. that was in 1999 she took in the teenager marjorie and now a college graduate. i came in with a bad attitude and bad hair and bad grades and i left with a positive attitude and stellar grades and a family to come back to. that was the beginning
9:13 am
despite working full-time for health and human services and starting a family of ron hottie and her husband have never stopped foster in children in need and she believes family doesn't stop what child turns 18. greta some of them end up not having a place to live. she took a step coaster and a nonprofit just down the street children to another town house for kids going to college. i wanted to give them the same support that they received in error in foster care but still continue the coeducation. an eighteen year-old works two jobs and as a full-time student and is grateful for the moving on up house. hearing get motivation to want to see me succeed i have a curfew and have to be home studying all the time and it wouldn't be doing that myself. open its food and savings accounts in doctors' appointments in college scholarships. i think which provides is
9:14 am
an abundant amount of endless love. i have made a difference in their lives and i feel very privileged to be able to do that. for putting a roof over their heads in the ground under the feet of foster children for 15 years the jefferson award this week goes to claudia cbs five. amazing. i don't know for a consensus and about the weather but we can expect more rain this week with a chance of thunderstorms and parts of the bay area. things are clearing up with the break in the wet weather looking live at the golden gate bridge to the raindrops right now but that are some tricks of sunshine and is the chance of more scattered showers with a live look at the radar. and only a few patches of green and that's about 43 degrees in livermore and 42 and now but and
9:15 am
fremont 43 degrees. as we continue to track the showers more in the forecast. it has been a super what weekend across the bay area and% for another rainy day. and the headlines showers today include temperatures above this afternoon will have a chance of some thunderstorms. possible hail and looks like a short drive break for the start of the workweek. so the satellite and radar telling the weather story with the low pressure system testing of the debate area not moving pretty as more rain showers throughout the day. we're watching the high pressure system moving closer to the bay area by monday bringing this to drive break and tuesday watching another low pressure system closer toward the bay area bringing more rain tuesday into wednesday. timing it out with the feature cast the heaviest rain to be
9:16 am
today throughout the morning and scattered showers once again possible thunderstorms and even hail the latest afternoon and then by this evening and later tonight and look cycle going to try things out and it will remain dry to monday and tuesday into wednesday we could have another storm system moved through. in the forecast across at a california a lot of rain showers or every going with some snow in the higher elevations out by lake tahoe temperatures in the '40's and 50's. temperatures really in the mid to upper 50s east bay numbers 57 and brett wood and 57 in pleasant hill. no. they temperatures are little cooler. in the forecast the next couple of days looks like once again the king for another wet sunday
9:17 am
with the heaviest rain in the in the morning and taper off by this afternoon. in a quick drive break quick as the emphasis on monday for the star of the workweek and another storm system of iran to stay into wednesday and by thursday and friday and the sec was the cloud cover with a slight chance of rain mainly in the north bay and by saturday for next weekend looks like we're setting up for another what saturday. that's a check of the weather. track the rain is a move through your own neighborhood of their live interactive high definition radar. ♪
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its then 30 years since an endangered piglet species has
9:20 am
been shown in this san francisco is to and out of the pictures with three females making their big debut this weekend. these lives are almost three years old and a fearless and very curious about their new home construction of their habitat and hunting led to near extinction of this species which is within the pig family. for the next month santa cisco sheriff will not be able to see his wife or son. greta on fire on friday it agreed to let their wives to take their son division to a lesser she can take care of her sick father. the sheriff will still be able to call the sun during the trip. order requires them to look return to the bay area by august 28th. so what's next for him. this is sort of a twist because it was a fight over whether or not she could take the sun divisions will the
9:21 am
kicking off the argument that led to the domestic violence charges that wind up getting him suspended and going all through the media is about that's why we sat down with the former mayor brown appears specialist to ask what's next for him and what are his chances of recovering from this. he is at bat between a rock third-place he isn't completely out and does not have the resources or the key to get back in. it looks like the stars are lined to make sure he loses it. you guys politicians with a been picked up for shoplifting or about to get a bounce out of office you've been here before what's your assessment? he's gone the mayor is right he handled it poorly for the beginning he needed to amend his killed early on in terms of the mercy of the court and apologize to his wife and
9:22 am
family and tried theresa's life and he didn't do that and when he was forced to do that by the court it was too little too late. even as a politician in your caught in the legal system you know you have lawyers and say don't say anything written in the thing that they're try to evans out are you really your own person in that situation. no your not and fortunately for politicians and not fully appreciate understand that the met the they're accused a constitutional right will not apply to them of the intend of a political career. if they're willing to sacrifice their career than they can be treated just as if they're part of the mafia. greater use 7 with his competence where its you and the client and the lawyer were hashing out the overall strategy and whether you telling them. you have to make the human choice with the right thing for you and your family and then with the right thing for your career and then you have to
9:23 am
figure out what's so great thing legally a lot of times lawyers went up because they're better at steering clients than a public-relations crescent other bags. i think frankly that he's gonna have trouble even find a job in this town when all the dust clears and the deficit's going to clear quickly. he's not even handling his exit appropriately. the mayor gave him the opportunity to leave with dignity to the extent to canal have dignity and he didn't even take a month on that play in them come by and the bonus grave and that's not good. this is well put there was a chance to leave with your head held as high as it could possibly hold it and he didn't take it and unfortunately there's no way to erase it. unfortunately for the
9:24 am
sheriff of the fumbles remain outside the courtroom statements and the statements made to the press and said it is a private family matter and not even sure yet complete command of the fact they had off was clinton when he said that and got the victims of tickets on him he's been getting hit from every side kitimat delays going to right now as to go to domestic violence counseling sessions at the end of a roomful of other defendants of similar charges what he with a common criminals off the the sheriff said late in the room how awkward. of toyota the reasons for the mayor says he can't stay on a share because not only are you sitting in this class of other prisoners for also her on probation and that's euna lee the system fences to much of a mess. just too many complex silicide the ethics commission agrees. come upon more look at the top stars including leo shutdown over the health care refo
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welcome back. investigators and a district overnight. the big question today is the killer among the victims were still on the loose. certain to mar the supreme court hearing arguments on both sides of the fight over president obama's health care law. the key issue is whether individual mandates requiring people to pay our constitutional. the pope wearing a sombrero making his way to hundreds of thousands of people in mexico this morning meeting a sunday mass later today people camped out in advance to catch a glimpse of him having to cuba tomorrow. a chance of some thunderstorms
9:28 am
today. taking a live look outside in san francisco with some patches of clear skies but there's still a chance of rain so don't put away the umbrella. and that could be the star for the rest of the day. the made millions jackpot is up to $356 million. the third largest jackpot ever will know when one fridays during someone bought a ticket with tutor $59,000 to the liquor and tobacco stored in mountain view. hundreds of other shouldn't the same store in hopes of gideon and other lucky ticket. greta that's it for days weekend early edition thanks for joining us and have a wonderful week ahead and a nice sunday.
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